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Sharing interactive self-service Power BI reports externally with non-Power BI licensed users.

Use Case Demo Example: Importer sharing sales performance analytics with distributors
Introduction: A mindset for data-led insights
Maria Green is an executive from World Wide Importers, an importer of toys. Maria’s sales strategy priority is to partner with two leading toy distributors; Tailspin and Wingtip.  Maria uses the benefits of Microsoft’s Power BI – the world’s most popular business analytics service – to communicate sales and inventory dashboards to her internal team but struck a challenge when sharing with external partners.  
A cost-effective solution for providing secure access to reports and dashboards
Binokula is a solution that grew out of addressing a business challenge such as this – how to provide the business insights from Power BI to your wider ecosystem of partners and stakeholders. 
World Wide Importers has created a single, row level security enabled, report to securely share sales information across the distributor network.
Click on each of the blue rectangles below to see the individual Power BI report views on Binokula.
World Wide Importers (WWI)

Maria Green

View Maria’s executive reports

Maria has set up an Executive user group with access to a suite of reports providing sales, inventory and purchasing insights for World Wide Importers, allowing the review and drill-down to regions, distributors and other buying groups. 
Tailspin Inc (Distributor)

Sam Jones

View Sam’s distributor reports

Sam from Tailspin Inc has been enabled to only see sales data associated with Tailspin. Maria has allowed Sam to share links and to download PDF and Excel versions of their tailored distributor report.  These reports now form the basis of evidence-based review discussions with Maria and the World Wide Importer team.
Wingtip Inc (Distributor)

Jean Smith

View Jean’s distributor reports

Harry Link

View Harry’s distributor reports

Jean and Harry from Wingtip Inc have been enabled to only see sales data associated with their individual sales for Wingtip. Maria has not let either user share links or download PDF and Excel versions of their tailored distributor report.